A Love Letter To My Tribe


What I’m loving right now…my tribe of moms.  This blog post would have been more timely a few weeks ago around Mother’s Day, but this topic really spoke to me last night as I was corresponding with another mom about Skylar’s field trip today.  I didn’t want to wait another year to write it and we are still in the month of Mother’s Day so I’m going with it.  To all the moms in my life, this is my love letter to you:

Dear Fellow Mom,

I must start this letter by acknowledging my own mom.  Mom, you shaped who I have become.  You showed me, by example, that it’s OK to be a mom and have a career.  Watching you taught me that I can have both and I can lean on my spouse for lots and lots of help.  The bonus is the kids forge an usually tight bond with their dad as did Christie and I with our dad and Skylar and Chase with Chuck.  Thank you for giving me that important life lesson.

To my long time friends that started their families well before I did.  You paved the way for me to see the joys (and the trials) of being a mom.  I have learned so much from you.  It’s so special to me that after all these years even though we are not usually in the same phase of our lives (you’ve got kids going into high school and I’ve got one still in diapers), we have stayed such close friends.  I know we will always be in each other’s lives and I am beyond grateful for that.

To my friends who had their children right around the same time as I did. There is a special  bond that develops in those very early years of motherhood knowing that someone else is in virtually the same shoes at the same moment.  You have lifted me up when I needed it most and let me vent about how hard it can be.  Plus if my kid is screaming chances are yours is too so there is no judgement.

To my new friends made through the school, I am so grateful to have met you.  You have shown me so much love and support.  Whether it be taking a special interest in Skylar when you are volunteering in class (which I can rarely do), or going to take beautiful photos before the father daughter dance, or taking care of Skylar on a field trip.  I appreciate all that you do and am thrilled to have met such a great group of moms that I will get to spend the next 13 years with.

There are lost of other special moms in my life that don’t fit into the categories above.  Regardless of when or how we met, I am humbled and filled with gratitude to have such an amazing tribe around me.  I only hope someday I can give back to you what you have given to me.





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